Introducing Diagon Coag Line System Instruments

Diagon - established in 1989 - is a leading clinical diagnostic manufacturing company, with 100% Hungarian ownership. We develop and manufacture hematology reagents for a broad range of hematology analyzers and coagulation reagents for a wide range of coagulometers. Diagon, as a system provider is offering instruments together with its diagnostic reagents - cell counters and coagulometers.


High-throughput, random-access hemostasis analyzer With 150 sample positions, 44 cooled reagent positions and more STAT positions and Up to 300 PT tests / hour*

Coag L

Random access of optical clotting, immunologic and chromogenic assays4 independent dual-wavelength measuring channelsIncreased throughput: up to 160 PT/hour*

Coag M

110 PT test/hour, *continuous random access coagulation, chromogenic and immunology tests,Walkaway capacity: 40 samples / 250 cuvettes,Integrated 10 inch colour LCD touchscreen

Coag 4D

4 independent measuring channels, Full-scope coagulation testing,visual sample traffic guidance supports D-dimer and AT-III tests ready for coagulation, chromogenic and turbidimetric tests,